Self Assessment


1 Is your Executive Team healthy and aligned?
  • a. Do Team members understand each other's differences, priorities and styles?
  • b. Does the Team meet frequently (at minimum monthly) for strategic thinking?
  • c. Does the Team participate in ongoing executive education?
  • d. Is the Team able to engage fully in constructive debates?
2 Is everyone aligned with the one main thing that needs to be accomplished this quarter to move your organization forward?
3 Is a communication rhythm established? Is information accurate and does it move swiftly?
  • a. Are all employees are in a daily huddle that lasts under 15 minutes?
  • b. Do all teams hold a weekly meeting?
  • c. Do all teams hold a weekly meeting?
  • d. Are executives meeting quarterly for a day to work on leadership decisions about People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash?
4 For each function and each process is there one (and only one) person assigned accountability?
5 Is employee input collected on a consistent basis to identify obstacles and opportunities?
6 Is customer feedback collected and analyzed on a frequent and consistent basis?
7 Are your Core Values and Purpose "alive" in your organization?
  • a. Are Core Values discovered, Purpose articulated and both are known by all employees?
  • b. Do all executives and managers refer to the Core Values and Purpose in praise or reprimands?
  • c. Are HR processes and activities aligned with Core Values and Purpose?
  • d. Are actions identified and implemented each quarter to strengthen Core Values and Purpose?
8 Can employees articulate the following key components of your strategy accurately?
  • a. Big Hairy Audacious Goal (10+ year visionary goal)
  • b. Core Customer(s)
  • c. Brand Promise(s)
  • d. Elevator Pitch (e.g., To answer "What does your company do?")
9 Can all employees answer quantitatively whether they had a good day or week?
10 Are your organization's plans and performance visible to everyone?

If you answered “No” to 3 or more of these questions, then you’re in a position to excel from the tools provided in our web, workshop, private or group training.

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