Scaling Up!

As the business grows, leaders and their teams need to be continuously considering people, strategy, execution and cash.

Lori Michele Leavitt, along with our team and community of thought leaders, will guide you in your strategic thinking and work through you and your team to be the best at what you do.

We offer our Scaling Up services, customized for you and your team, and in a group setting with other leaders and their teams. (where "customized" goes to Team Coaching and "group" goes to Peers/Community)

People: This decision is about creating a harmonious culture of accountability.
  • - Do you have the right people in the right seats for your growth?
  • - Today and for the future, would you rehire them all?
  • - Are your stakeholders engaged and happy?
Strategy: This decision is about your growth and top line revenue.
  • - Can you state your strategy simply?
  • - Are your people aligned with that strategy?
  • - Does your strategy drive sustainable growth?
Execution: This decision is about efficiently translating growth and revenue into profits.
  • - Are your processes running smoothly, without drama?
  • - Are they fully supporting your achievement of industry-leading profitability?
Cash: This decision is about having oxygen to stay alive as you grow, and the fuel to have options.
  • - Do you have continuous sources of cash flow to fuel your growth?
  • - Are you fundable?

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translating complexities into action, with sustainable results

aligning people with what you want/your strategy

leveraging technology to keep momentum and gain quick wins

connecting you with the right people, assets, services and technologies

guiding leaders toward break-through performance, with less risk

About Lori

Lori is a trusted and fiercely committed “linchpin,” connecting leaders to the right resources – for growth, sustainability, agility and ease.

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